Since mathematical analysis lies at the very foundation of mathematics and its notation and concepts are utilised in every other branch, this course has been designed to rigorously present the fundamental concepts of mathematical analysis in the clearest and simplest way for students who have offered an elementary calculus sequence. As topological ideas unify large parts of geometry and analysis, this subject not only develops a broad conceptual base so important for a perspective-based understanding of mathematics, but also emphasizes the development of deductive and analytical thinking.

This subject provides the tools for dealing with problems in a wide range of fields ranging from forestry to nuclear physics. It also serves as a bridge from the typical intuitive treatment of calculus to more rigorous courses such as abstract algebra and analysis.

An introductory study of pure and applied mathematics. Logic, sets and mappings, relations, algebraic systems, number systems. Elementary functions. Techniques and applications of differentiation and integration. Simple numerical methods. Vectors in 3D. Introduction to Mathematica.