A study of the fundamental concepts of management and marketing within business organisations. Emphasis is placed on the evolution of marketing and management thought. Topics include the management and marketing environment, various roles of management in organisation as well as integrating and coordinating activities using marketing concepts. Ethical and social responsibilities of managers are critically examined.

Throughout this unit you'll have to opportunity develops skills and apply principles of information management. You will be given an introduction to information sources and to the practical skills and enterprise use of familiar office applications. This unit includes consideration of some ethical, social, health and environmental issues related to information and information technology.

This subject will provide an exploration of how organisations develop and implement strategy in order to pursue their business objectives. We will explore mission, vision, strategic leadership, the internal  and external environments, as well as a number of strategic directions which will include the vehicles of strategy - mergers and acquisitions and other alliances and cooperative strategies

This is a wonderful opportunity to gain some practical experience and see your learning come to life in a working environment.

This is a final year unit that draws on your ability to think critically and to use your powers of reasoning.