This unit will introduce students to the fast-changing field of advertising and promotions. To understand the role of advertising and promotion in today's online and offline world and market fragmentation, one must recognize how a firm can use all the promotional tools to reach and communicate with specific target segments.

The study of consumer behaviour enables marketers to understand and predict consumer behaviour in the marketplace; it is concerned not only with what consumers buy, but also with why, when, where, how and how often they buy it. Consumer behaviour is not only about high-involvement consumers purchasing high price goods and services, it is also about the everyday, habitual and mundane aspects of consumption. In this unit we will take into consideration consumers’ decisions not as the end point but rather as the beginning point of a consumption process.

In this unit we will develop your understanding of the nature, structure, and distinguishing characteristics of the industrial or business-to-business market. Because more than half of all business school graduates are employed by firms that compete in the business market this unit will prepare you for the challenges that occur in this area.

In this unit, our key aim is to identify and review the key marketing management decisions required by organisations moving to digital business and consider the processes and strategies by which these decisions can be implemented.

In the current climate, service organisations dominate developed and developing economies. This unit examines the marketing of services as distinct and different from the marketing of tangible products. It considers: the characteristics of service offerings and service organisations; the positioning of a service organisation; the definition of customer base and value; the managing of the marketing mix; relationship marketing and the design and implementation of the marketing plan in the context of service delivery.

The unit also considers the importance of relationships, organisational structure, customer experience and the implications of applying marketing tools and processes to the delivery and promotion of services.