Hi Everyone and welcome to Physical Geography! This subject will cover a wide range of topics relating to the Earth science including; the current scientific theories of the Earth's creation, why and how plate tectonics occurs, how sediments form and the impact that humans have on the Earth and it's environments.

GEOP24000 involves three 1 hour lectures and a practical class each week. There is a field based assignment where students collect data in the field and write up a report using collected data and papers published in the area. There is also an assignment that includes a literature review, a poster and a brief presentation. This assignment is on an area of your interest within the scope of Physical Geography. There will also be class time dedicated to building your peer review skills and reviewing each others work. Everything presented in your assignments will be examinable. In addition there is a final exam worth 40% at the end of the semester.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries or issues you may be having. Email contact is preferred (lydia.belford@gmail.com) as I am only on campus two days each week so email me and we can set up a skype meeting if needed.

Looking forward to getting to know you,