This unit is the first stage of providing the student with the ability to use New Testament Greek as a tool for New Testament study.  Following a thorough introduction to key aspects of the grammar of New Testament Greek, some experience is given in reading selected verses of the Greek text of the New Testament.

 Topics covered will include:

1.      The Greek alphabet and script

2.      The three noun declensions

3.      Greek adjectives, demonstratives & adverbs

4.      The prepositions and the cases

5.      The Greek verb

  • tenses: present tense of –w, -εω, -αω verbs; aorist tenses of –w, -εω, -αω, -μι verbs
  • moods: present, infinitive, subjunctive
  • voice: active
  • dental, guttural, labial & liquid stems

6.      Translating selected sentences from the Greek New Testament

7.      Using the Logos program for dictionary and resource support for set passages