1. Introduction to the academic study of the Gospels
2. Modern research into the historical Jesus
3. Sociological and artefactual backgrounds relevant to the study of the Gospels
4. Intermediate Greek syntax from the selected passages, including the infinitive, subjunctive and participial moods
5. The Gospel of Matthew
     a. The Matthean Sondergut
     b. Translation of selected passages from the Gospel of John
     c. Detailed exegesis of selected passages from the Greek text of Matthew which illustrate: Matthew's
interests; Matthew and the law; The Sabbath in Matthew; The kingdom and the church in Matthew; Mission,
and the place of the Jews in Matthew's theology; community discipline; eschatology; and the historical
reconstruction of the Matthean community
6. The death of Jesus in Matthew
7. Theological Perspectives from the Canonical Gospels.