Complex numbers and functions, complex differentiation and integration, Taylor and Laurent series, residue theorem, conformal mappings, asymptotic solutions of differential equations, gamma, zeta and elliptic functions briefly. Special functions and applications, Laplace transforms and applications, introduction to chaotic dynamical systems.

This is the second unit in a sequence of introductory pure and applied mathematics. It comprises multivariable calculus, linear algebra, integration, infinite series, complex numbers, analytic geometry, and differential equations.

This subject is designed to introduce the central content area of multivariable calculus and also probability & statistics for students taking mathematics majors and minors in the quantitative sciences.

An introductory study of pure and applied mathematics. Logic, sets and mappings, relations, algebraic systems, number systems. Elementary functions. Techniques and applications of differentiation and integration. Simple numerical methods. Vectors in 3D.

An introductory unit in mathematical concepts and techniques. Topics include: logic, basic algebra, sets and probability, descriptive statistics, elementary functions, basic differentiation and integration, complex numbers and infinite series. Computer spreadsheet software and Mathematica are used to support topics where applicable .