Welcome to Certificate IV in Ministry and Discipleship!

Designed to equip you to effectively lead ministry, discipleship and community initiatives.  This course enables you to explore opportunities for personal growth and provides a range of knowledge and skills that will enable to confidently interact with, support and lead people of different age, cultural and gender in religious discovery. 

To complete this qualification you will need to complete 14 units.  

  1. HLTPOP013 Contribute to the implementation of a disaster plan

  2. CHCCDE023 Develop and provide community projects

  3. CHCMGT004 Secure and manage funding

  4. SISXMGT003 Recruit, induct and manage volunteers

  5. CHCPRT026 Support the rights and safety of children and young people

  6. CHCSAC008 Work collaboratively and respectfully with school aged children

  7. TAEDEL414 Mentor in the workplace

  8. CHCCOM002 Use communication to build relationships

  9. CHCDIV001 Work with diverse people

  10. CHCPAS004 Provide pastoral and spiritual care

  11. CHCMHS001 Work with people with mental health needs

  12. BSBCRT412 Articulate, present and debate ideas

  13. CHCYTH013 Engage respectfully with young people 

  14. NAT11145001 Develop personal spirituality

  15. NAT11145002 Develop resilience through healthy lifestyle

  16. NAT11145003 Apply the teaching of Jesus

  17. NAT11145004 Interpret Christian scripture responsibly

  18. NAT11145005 Make disciples and start new groups

  19. NAT11145006 Facilitate shared discipleship journey.

  20. NAT11145007 Lead discipleship processes in the local church.

  21. NAT11145008 Apply biblical theology.

  22. NAT11145009 Lead community outreach initiatives

Training and Support Plan: Your trainer will meet with you to discuss your training and support plan.  Once this is developed you will receive a copy to use as a guide to support you to complete your studies within the identified time period.